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Removing Barriers to Successful Innovation - Conference Prague

Posted on 11.10.2011

​The Prague 2011 Conference on Removing Barriers to Successful Innovation will focus on how some of the biggest players in technology transfer and business innovation in Great Britain overcame their specific barriers and became successful in placing to market what has emerged from university research and development.

• Overcoming obstacles in commercialization of knowledge and research results, its impact for the university.
• Experience with setting up a start-up business in Great Britain and in the Czech Republic.
• Innovation, start-up and spin-off support mechanisms in British and Czech Accelerators.
• Best ways to succeed in attracting investment or angel funding.
• Definition of synergies and best practice ways to succeed.
Conference will include 3 workshops:
Workshop 1:
Harvesting inventions – collecting disclosures and making the right desicions
How to communicate with the university researchers to successfully collect invention disclosures. Initial triage of projects, how to make decisions when you first receive invention disclosures.
Workshop 2:
Elevator Pitch - Capturing your Audience
During the workshop you will learn (and have the opportunity to practice) "an elevator pitch" and the art of presentation, including body language which will capture your audience and bring results.
Workshop 3:
Roundtable Discussion with Ladislav Chodak
A successful investor will discuss with the representatives of technology parks, incubators and accelerators what he would expect them to do for start-up companies to make them attractive to investors. Moderated by Jaroslav Burčík, this roundtable is open to everybody who is in the business of supporting start-ups and interested in what exactly it is that investors want to buy.
The whole conference will be held in English and is free of charge.

When: November 9, 2011, 9:00 – 20:00

Where: Balling Hall, National Technical Library (NTK), Technicka 6, Praha 6 – Dejvice, Czech Republic


More information and registration form available here.