March 22.3.2013
Closing Conference: Innovation ICT-driven the CEBBIS project to foster innovation and technology transfer
Trieste, Italy
June 20.6.2012- 22.6.2012
20.6.2012- 22.6.2012
Study Visit to the Czech Republic
Pardubice, CZ
March 29.3.2012- 30.3.2012
29.3.2012- 30.3.2012
Regional workshop and Study visit
Koper, Sl


17.3.2013 | Closing Conference: Innovation ICT-driven the CEBBIS project to foster innovation and technology transfer

Two conferences focused on innovation support services and technology clusters will take place in Trieste at AREA Science Park in the frame of the project CEBBIS, an initiative promoted by the Central Europe Programme. Innovation Cluster policies, practices and services «ICT-driven» for industrial competitiveness 10 AM -

11.2.2013 | IMP3rove training in Székesfehérvár, Hungary

​The Central Transdanubian Regional Innovation Agency’s employees have the opportunity to participate in the internationally recognized and accepted "IMPROVE" training program, after which they can support SMEs on a higher level, domestically or internationally as well. The training is hosted by CTRIA  between 14 to 15 February 2013. The training material was developed by the European Commission, based on many years of professional experience. Today, more than 500 people across Europe have been trained successfully. Further information:​

11.2.2013 | The Network of Competence website is renewed

​The renewed Network of Competence website ( is waiting for their clients who would like to develop their businesses with help of expertises at national and internation level as well. What the Network of Competence exactly? The newly developed CEBBIS Network of Competence on ICT solutions and pro-innovative service for different branches

06.9.2012 | Study Visit to the Czech Republic

The most recent study visit was organized to the Czech Republic and enabled 15 participants from Germany, Austria, Hungary and Poland to see not only the recognized knowledge hub of the capital of Prague, but also other swiftly regions of Pardubice and Hradec Kralove. The

29.6.2012 | CeBIT 2012

ICT and Innovation Faire (INNOSKART promoted CEBBIS in its boot) The Innoskart Nonprofit Ltd. (CEBBIS partner - management organization of Central Transdanubian IT cluster) participated at CeBIT 2012 fair at Hannover as exhibitor between 6th and 10th of March 2012. There were exact goals of INNOSKART

28.3.2012 | Regional workshop and Study visit

Regional Workshop: ICT Accelerated TT Services and Their Development for Intermediaries, SMEs, and R&D Institutions On March the CEBBIS project partners met at the regional workshop, that took place in Koper to discuss the issue of ICT accelerated TT services and their development. Workshop participants heard

12.10.2011 | Removing Barriers to Successful Innovation - Conference Prague

​The Prague 2011 Conference on Removing Barriers to Successful Innovation will focus on how some of the biggest players in technology transfer and business innovation in Great Britain overcame their specific barriers and became successful in placing to market what has emerged from university research

27.9.2011 | Innoskart Regional Workshop – WP3 ICT study implementation

On the 7th October, 2011 Innoskart Nonprofit Ltd. organizes a regional workshop on the CEBBIS project’s results, future developments and the national and international cluster development policy. The event will host not only the regional and national innovation policy makers, but a Swiss ICT cluster’s,
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